Friday, July 21, 2017

Feeney LED DesignRail® Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance to complete your modern outdoor deck or patio railing with Feeney's 24V L.E.D. Strip Lighting. Let our friendly experts at Cable Rail Direct assist you with your DesignRail Lighting Project.
The Feeney LED lighting kits are 24-volt systems that emit high color rendering index light and put out a truer color rendering which is perfect for outdoor living.
LED's are rated for up to 50,000 hours and are made with high quality waterproof materials. The 24V strip lighting integrates into the top or bottom rail for that perfect finishing touch. The lens diffuses the light evenly for a more balanced look and uses high CRI (80) LEDs for better color rendering.
 Quality outdoor driver kits are available in the following: 24 Volt DC Constant Voltage 35w, 60w, or 96w or 24 Volt DC Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver 40w, 60w, or 96w.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2 Areas Where You Can Inject Some Personality into Your Exterior Space

wire railing for decks
What is more emblematic of the American Dream than a barbecue? Gathering family and friends together in one's back yards for a day of games, grilled food, and good conversation is, for many, the quintessence of what it means to be an American. But when if comes to designing your home exterior, it can be hard to find a way to make the space unique and reflective of your design tastes and personality.

This blog post is designed to highlight some of the best places to focus your creative efforts, to get the maximum amount of personality with the least amount of effort.
  1. Lighting

    The lighting is one of the most neglected aspects of exterior design, but it is essential unless you want the party to die out at the first signs of dusk.
    When considering your lighting, it is important to consider how your lawn is laid out. The options available for a small yard with a large deck are much different than a heavily wooded lawn.
    The most important principle to remember is safety. Stairs, hills, even heavily rooted areas should be highlighted by your lighting design.
  2. Deck Design

    Desks are a prime spot for hosting more intimate get-togethers, whether you are having a quiet meal outdoors, or a game of cards with the neighbors on a lazy Sunday. They are also one of the most natural canvases for you to inject personality.
    Every detail of your deck is an opportunity to show off a bit of your personality What color are you painting the deck? And what should you have the railings made of? Take a risk with choices that reflect your taste: if you enjoy industrial design, consider stainless steel wire railing for decks. Stainless steel is a great option for design rail for decks because it contains a minimum of 12% of chromium. It forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the railing that prevents corrosion.
When designing your exterior space, it is important to know where you can inject a bit of personality, otherwise, you might end up with a lackluster entertaining space. By playing with your lighting options and exploring options like wire railing for decks, you can make your outdoors outshine the competition.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

3 Ways To Baby and Toddler Proof Your Home

cable design railHaving babies in your home can be an adorable sight, but it can also be quite terrifying if you're constantly worrying about their safety and well being. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the stress involved with watching children, you should spend some time baby and toddler proofing your home to ensure no accidents are ever had. 

Here are a few ways to baby and toddler proof your home. 

Use cable design rails to block stairways and decks

The easiest way for your children to harm themselves is by falling underneath railing while on the stairs. To avoid these dangerous and harmful falls, consider wire deck railing systems to keep your kids safe while they travel up and down your backyard deck stairs. Cable spacing is important for the minimization of cable deflection, too. Typically, the maximum space recommended for wire railing kits is no bigger than a three-inch opening between the cable design rail. You don't just have to worry about your outside deck, however. If your home has any amount of steps inside you should consider using cable design rails to prevent your children from slipping through the openings and causing serious harm to themselves. 

Place protective covers on everything dangerous

Babies are curious creatures. Especially when they begin to walk, they will walk around as recklessly as possible in order to discover new and interesting things about their world (your house). In order to ensure that your kids aren’t walking headfirst into any sharp corners, subsequently causing serious head damage and cuts, be sure to place protective covers on every corner of your home. This includes tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, walls, and anything else. In addition to covering sharp corners around your home, you should also place covers on any oven and stove knobs that are within reach of your children to avoid any emergencies. 

Keep every dangerous item well out of reach

Because your kids are so curious, they will stop at nothing to open drawers and thoroughly inspect its contents. If those cabinets and drawers contain dangerous items, however, like sharp knives, medicine, or alcohol, you could have a horrible issue on your hands. Don’t let your adorable children stumble into something they shouldn’t see until they’re older. Keep all those dangerous items hidden and well out of reach so they can never access them. 

If you have young children inside your home, it's your responsibility to do everything you can to protect them. Make sure any harmful items are out of reach, that there are protective covers on corners, and that your indoor and outdoor stairs are fall proof. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Tips for Home Owners Updating Their Deck

cable deck railing

So, you've decided it's time to upgrade your deck -- perhaps because you've noticed there are structural weaknesses, or perhaps you are just ready to give your outdoor space a much-needed facelift. Either way, there are a number of important factors you have to juggle as you prepare for your renovation.

We've written this guide to give you a couple of handy tips that will hopefully help you make the most out of your deck.

Choose More Versatile Furniture

So-called sit and store seating makes a great addition to your deck by providing both comfortable chairs and storage space. These can be made of almost any material to match your style and can even be made waterproof!

Maximize Your Vista

Don't let your view be blocked by clunky wooden railings or gates. While safety is paramount, it should not be allowed to detract from the beauty of your home's exterior. Cable deck railing systems or steel wire railing for decks is a great way to offer protection for your home without obstructing your view.

Keep Cords Covered

Bold lighting fixtures are a great way to spruce up your exterior's design, or just a great way to illuminate an evening game of euchre with the family, but the cords providing them power are a serious tripping hazard. When updating your deck, you need to find a way to keep those cords from causing accidents. Try running them underneath the deck itself or safely securing them.

Consider Built-in Planters

Flowers and greenery offer a refreshing pop of color and provide a more whimsical and personal element to your deck. By building in a space on your deck for greenery, you are giving your space a softer, more natural appearance.

Be Unique

While we live in a world rampant with homeowners associations and regulating bodies, it is important to have a little fun while you're decorating. Opt for a flashy light feature or choose bold colors. About a third of the single-family homes sold in America in 2014 had both a patio and a porch. Don't be afraid to make yours stand out.

Summer is the perfect time to reinvent and upgrade your porch. Take the time to consider the little touches like built-in planters, cable deck railing, or light fixtures that will make your outdoor space more attractive and ultimately more reflective of who you are.

Curious about design rail for decks? Contact the Cable Rail Direct team today!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keeping Summer Fun: Common Signs Your Deck May Need an Upgrade

Out of all homeowners updating their favorite outdoor spaces, 29% of those spaces consisted of a complete upgrade in terms of landscape and 58% of changes were more simple, like paving. But it’s the backyard that won in terms of the percentage of homeowners making a change at an extraordinary 64%.

It makes sense. The backyard is the paradise of summer fun. Camping, BBQs, and block parties are just a few of those fun events to look forward to. And if your backyard isn’t looking the greatest, it can lead to a sense of great embarrassment. But it may not be your entire backyard that needs to be upgraded. It may just be your deck.

Signs your deck has seen better daysEven if your deck is stylistically sound, it may not be a good idea to have a deck that has signs of rot. Rot isn’t good anywhere, but if your deck is old and isn’t pressure treated, the posts holding your deck in the ground may absorb water and begin to rot which will eventually cause your deck to collapse if left untreated.

Additionally, if there’s no ledger flashing on your deck, that rot may very well be in your house rather than your deck. Ledger flashing is what keeps water from running from your deck to your house. If there’s no ledge flashing, rot can build up along your house’s siding, which may result in your deck’s eventual collapse.

Another sign your deck has seen better days is if the structure is weak. If your railing shakes, the floor boards creak and wiggle, and the ledger boards aren’t secure these can be safety hazards and may result in injury should any of these features come loose.

How to upgrade your deck
If you can, repair your deck or simply get a new one with a more updated style. Your focus should be on the functionality of your deck first and foremost. Make sure your new or repaired deck is stable, has ledger flashing, and is able to withstand pressure so water isn’t able to seep into the posts and create rot.

Consider upgrading your deck railing as well as the deck itself. Cable railing for decks such as steel wire railing allows your kids or your neighbors’ kids to stay safe on the deck when socializing has drifted closer to the house in the evening hours. The simple addition of a cable handrail or cable rail will prevent common safety hazards and injury. Furthermore, a steel wire railing has a sleek look to it and unlike a chunky wooden railing, a cable deck railing allows you and your guests to gaze out onto the landscaping of your backyard.

Outdoor decks can age over time along with your home. Be sure to perform routine maintenance to keep your deck up to date and safe for you and your family. Upgrade your deck periodically whether it’s adding steel wire railing or updating the post connections to stay in style and to keep your summer safe and fun.

Friday, June 2, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Cable Railing for Your Home's Interior

Cable rail systems are a sleek, attractive way to set your outdoor space apart from the neighbors'. They are sturdy, versatile and very easy to maintain. But if you are only using cable handrail systems to accentuate the exterior of your house, then you are missing a great opportunity.

Interior cable railing systems are every bit as durable and low-maintenance as their exterior equivalent, but they are extremely versatile, not only fitting with a wide range of interior styles but even enhancing them.

By choosing a dark metallic cable and contrasting it with a rich wood frame, you can bring out the duality between natural and man-made material inherent in industrial style. Or by choosing discrete wiring and an unfished wood frame, you can invoke the rusticness of western style.

You can even decide to have the wires run vertically, rather than horizontally, and invoke a more traditional banister.

Stainless steel cabling is the most environmentally friendly material available for your railing. That's right! It's even more friendly than wood is. That is because stainless steel is completely recyclable.

In fact, the primary source of raw material for stainless steel is recycled scrap metal with over 90% of the material new stainless being sourced from recycled material (In architecture and construction, that figure is even higher, at 92%)

Have you or anyone you know ever had their head stuck in a railing as a child? Do you remember the liberal application of oil or butter needed to remedy the issue? Well, that doesn't need to be a worry with cabling. Although the cables need to be taut in order to offer protection, they do offer a little give.

But even those without children can benefit from the secure structure of interior cable railing systems, which need to be firm in order to stand up to the immense tension of the cables themselves.

While cable railing is an excellent option for the exterior of the home, it is also remarkably well suited for the inside.

Curious about how interior cable railing systems can redefine your home's interior? Contact the Cable Rail Direct team today!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Backyard Tips For Keeping Your Children Safe This Summer

With summer fast approaching it’s time to give a little routine maintenance to your backyard. Over 50% of homeowners upgrading their outdoor space spend six or more hours relaxing, entertaining, and gardening there per week. Backyards are the epitome of summer fun for children especially and so it’s important to guarantee their safety.

The following tips will provide you with ways to keep your backyard kid-friendly while also guaranteeing you the aesthetic appeal you love about a summer yard.

Opt out of getting a trampoline

Trampolines take up a lot of room and can make your backyard look far smaller than it really is. They can also be incredibly dangerous. In a study, the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America found more than a million cases of emergency room visits were caused by injuries related to trampoline use.

Create a separate space for grilling
Grilling can be boring if you’re too separated from the social area, but it can also be dangerous for kids to be too close. Designate a specific part of your deck or outdoor space for grilling purposes so you’re not too far away from the fun, but also keeping the kids away from the heat by establishing a safe space.

Use a cable handrail systemIt’s essential for decks higher than a couple of inches off the ground to have some kind of railing system. The installation of a cable deck wire railing will protect children as well as adults from falling and causing potential injury. A cable rail is nearly invisible in contrast to a wooden rail and therefore keeps your kids safe without obstructing the view of your backyard to other neighbors and family members.

A cable handrail system also creates a more modern look to your back deck. You can also choose from a variety of frames for your cable deck railing depending on your aesthetic appeal including stainless steel, wood, or aluminum.

Supervise your kids
Regardless of the changes you make to create a more kid-friendly backyard, it’s important to supervise your children at all times. Supervising your kids will keep them safe from any potentially dangerous situations such as drowning or falling from trees or other backyard equipment.

Backyard fun is an essential part of summer. By using these tips to keep your backyard kid-friendly and by supervising your children, you can be sure to have a great time during the long summer months.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4 Excellent Reasons to Install Cable Railings Around Your Home

indoor cable railing
According to data from 2014, approximately one-third of single family homes sold in that year came with a patio and porch. But if you're looking at a home or even thinking about improving yours, safety is something you need to keep in mind.

But who says safety and style don't mesh? Whether you need indoor railings or new design rail for your deck, here's why you should be using steel wire railing in and around your home.

High Durability, Low Maintenance
Indoor cable railing might not need to be super durable and low-maintenance, but outdoor cable railings make these two features an absolute necessity. Stainless steel cable railings might not immediately come to mind when you're looking for deck railings, but their ability to withstand any kind of weather without excess wear and tear is an extremely valuable trait. Not only that, but you won't have to stain and seal them every year like you would for traditional wooden deck railings.

Flexible Aesthetic
Aesthetically, cable rail systems can blend seamlessly into any home. For a sleek, minimalist vibe, try pairing an indoor cable railing with stainless steel posts. If you're going for a more natural feel in your home, furnish your staircase with gorgeous wooden posts and steel wire railing. The idea is that these wire railings provide durability without sacrificing your personal style.

No Bird Accidents
Glass barriers within a deck railing can look beautiful, but they pose a unique danger to birds and other animals because they're transparent. Wire railings, on the other hand, are clearly visible to birds and other animals, which means you won't have any injured birds on your hands and the local wildlife population isn't put at risk.

Unobstructed Views
Even though glass provides a unique look, cable railings offer an even better view. And what's more, smudges and dirt won't obstruct your view or mandate cleaning like they do on glass panes.

Whether you want a new railing for your indoor staircase or for your outdoor patio, cable rail systems are an excellent choice for all of the reasons listed above and many more. Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact the Cable Rail Direct team.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Few Excellent Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Seating

cable railing posts
If you run a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or similar type of establishment, then the addition of an outdoor deck or patio can actually increase revenue by up to 30%. In fact, according to further research from the Simons Advisory Group, a $200,000 investment in outdoor space can increase overall sales by up to $500,000. Of course, you don't have to spend $200,000 to create a worthy outdoor patio.

Wire railing kits make it simple to design a functional outdoor area for your business. But when you need to design rail for decks, you need to think about aesthetic appeal in addition to functionality. An outdoor patio can be a wonderful addition, but it's important that people actually feel comfortable spending time there.

If you're looking for design inspiration for your wire railing installation and the overall feel of your deck or patio, here are a few excellent ways to make the most of the space.

Sidewalk Seating
Adding a simple sidewalk dining area roped off by some cable design rail is an excellent and simple way to invite customers to an outdoor setting. If you have approval for outdoor seating, this simple addition can provide a classic, European cafe-style decor. Pick simple yet comfortable furniture for your seating area here, and then add a few patio umbrellas for a shady area. This can provide a casual dining experience that customers will see the second they walk by your business, and it's one that will attract additional customers if they see people already enjoying the space.

Rooftop Seating
If you don't have the space available to expand your seating outward, why not go upward? There's a certain aesthetic appeal to being above the rest of the surrounding buildings and having a casual drink with dinner. But there's more to a rooftop dining experience than just being above it all. Many rooftop dining areas come equipped with beautifully manicured gardens and lighting systems. Not to mention cable handrail systems and beautifully decorated cable railing posts that can enclose the area in style. Make sure you're thinking about the atmosphere you want to provide before you take on this venture!

Garden Dining
The farm-to-table movement is going strong, and it's something that more and more diners are interested in. So why not go the extra mile and grow your herbs and vegetables where your diners sit to eat? A few raised garden beds enclosed by cable railing posts can create a truly organic dining experience for your customers.

These are just a few ways to really up the ante on your outdoor seating using wire railing kits. Make sure you consider these things before you invest in an outdoor space!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Feeney DesignRail® Mounting Options - The Fascia Bracket Mounted Post

The Fascia Fascia Bracket Mounted Post is a popular method of attaching the DesignRail®
post to the Deck. This is a great option for a narrow deck, so the Railing doesn't take up any deck space. This is also a great option if you have decking that overhangs the deck. The Fascia Bracket Offsets the post by an 1-1/4, so you don't have to notch the decking, unless it overhangs more than 1-1/4". The Posts are 2-3/8" aluminum extrusions and there are three cross sectional profiles.  The Standard Post is used on Residential Projects and the Commercial Post is used on Commercial Projects. The Heavy Duty Post is used on all projects for the terminating and corner posts, when using Horizontal Cable Infill. The Posts will come pre-cut and pre-drilled for 36", 38" and 42" Railings. Maximum post spacing for a residential project is 6'-0" on center and 5'-0" on center for commercial projects. Fascia Brackets are 6" wide and come in 5" & 7" heights. Fascia Brackets for corners are available for single and double corner posts at 90 degree angles. Be sure to check the blocking requirements with your Cable Rail Direct Detailer. The finishing height will be slightly higher and will depend on the Top Rail selected. Stair Posts are usually sent blank and drilled in the field, but they are available pre-drilled in the following three standard angle ranges, 23 -28 degrees, 29 - 34 degrees and 35-39 degrees. Be sure to let your Cable Rail Direct Detailer know your stair angle before requesting the pre-drilled stair post.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Feeney DesignRail® Mounting Options - The Fascia Mounted Post

The Fascia Mounted Post is a popular method of attaching the DesignRail®
post to the Deck. This is a great option for a narrow deck, so the Railing doesn't take up any deck space. The Posts are 2-3/8" aluminum extrusions and there are three cross sectional profiles.  The Standard Post is used on Residential Projects and the Commercial Post is used on Commercial Projects. The Heavy Duty Post is used on all projects for the terminating and corner posts, when using Horizontal Cable Infill. The Posts will come pre-cut and pre-drilled for 36", 38" and 42" Railings. Maximum post spacing for a residential project is 6'-0" on center and 4'-0" on center for commercial projects. Fascia Brackets may be used on commercial projects to increase the post spacing to 5'-0" on center.The post will be longer on the bottom and will be cut and drilled for a 2x8 or 2x10 Fascia. There is also a standard option for a 2x12 fascia, but the mounting holes are drilled in the field. These three options allow for thru-bolting or lag screws, except for the 42" no bottom rail system. This system requires a welded flange and thru-bolting the end and corner posts. A 2x6 Fascia is not recommended for attachment with lag screws, but thru-bolts are an option. Be sure to check the blocking requirements with your Cable Rail Direct Detailer. A 7.5" concrete slab is the minimum thickness for mounting to concrete. The finishing height will be slightly higher and will depend on the Top Rail selected. Stair Posts are usually sent blank and drilled in the field, but they are available pre-drilled in the following three standard angle ranges, 23 -28 degrees, 29 - 34 degrees and 35-39 degrees. Be sure to let your Cable Rail Direct Detailer know your stair angle before requesting the pre-drilled stair post.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Feeney DesignRail® Mounting Options - The Surface or Base Mounted Post

The Surface or Base Mounted Post is the most common method of attaching the DesignRail®
post to the Deck. The Posts are 2-3/8" aluminum extrusions and there are three cross sectional profiles.  The Standard Post is used on Residential Projects and the Commercial Post is used on Commercial Projects. The Heavy Duty Post is used on all projects for the terminating and corner posts, when using Horizontal Cable Infill. The base plate is attached to the post with either 4 screws (Standard Post) or 6 screws (Commercial & Heavy Duty Post). This attachment is stronger than welding and will allow you to remove the base plate if the post needs to be trimmed, for a Deck that may have a high spot. Always trim from the bottom of the post, so the cables will remain straight.
The Posts will come pre-cut and pre-drilled for 36", 38" and 42" Railings. The finishing height will be slightly higher and will depend on the Top Rail selected. Stair Posts are usually sent blank and drilled in the field, but they are available pre-drilled in the following three standard angle ranges, 23 -28 degrees, 29 - 34 degrees and 35-39 degrees. Be sure to let your Cable Rail Direct Detailer know your stair angle before requesting the pre-drilled stair post.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homeowners Take Note: What to Know Before Installing Steel Wire Railing

steel wire railing
It is every homeowner's goal to create a safe environment for their family. One of the best ways to do this without losing curb appeal is by investing in a wire rail system throughout your home. Generally, steel wire railing is used as a method of safety instead of other glass or wood options and is great because of its ability to offer almost completely unobstructed views.

Whether it is cable deck railing or interior design rails, it is important to know everything you can able this unique home fixture before you install. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list of the top four things any homeowner should know before making the splurge.

There must be a solid foundation first

Steel wire railing is quite strong, and because of the tension put on them when installed, the edges it is connected too must be strong. Check with your installer about force and load requirements first just to make sure you can actually support the rails.

The spacing is important

The spaces between the cables are incredibly important for the minimization of cable deflection. As a rule of thumb, the maximum spacing that is recommended by installers is no bigger than a three-inch opening between each cable. If you can fit your fist between the cables, they are too flexible and not rigid enough to pass safety standards.

It is possible to use what you have

Just as long as your current railing is sturdy, there is no reason why you cannot install steel cables into what you already have! Many homeowners believe that to have wire railings you need to completely remove what you have and start from a fresh slate, but this is untrue. Not only is it possible if the strength is sufficient, this option is cheaper in the long run.

Your wish is our command

There is no wrong place to put a steel cable. They can go up stairwells, around pools, and can even be used as a pet enclosure if you'd like! This is your home we're talking about, so go ahead and get creative!

Interested in learning more about steel wire railing in your home? Call our professionals today.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The 12 Best Scenic Views in the U.S. and One Very Cool Thing to Do Nearby

The U.S. is brimming with stunning scenery and some of the best views in the world. Perhaps you’re lucky enough that you can look out your window or step out onto your deck and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you. But no matter where you live you don’t have to go far to find amazing views.

We’ve compiled this list of 12 places in the U.S.A. that have scenic overlooks and other spots where you can take in the views, and included links to information about area attractions. As a special bonus, we’ve picked one cool thing—an activity,  experience or view—that is a little offbeat or unexpected and, to be honest, definitely not for everyone. But there is something for everyone on this list!

1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Trail Ridge Road covers 48 miles, eleven of them above the treeline, where you’ll see Wyoming to the north, the Great Plains on the east and the Rockies on the south and west. Family activities

One cool thing: Stay at The Stanley, the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining.” It wasn’t filmed there. A writer named Jack Torrence did not go crazy there. Nothing happened there. Totally safe, except that it might be haunted.

2. Finger Lakes Region, New York

The Finger Lakes region is named for its series of long, thin lakes, and known for its vineyards, waterfalls, gorges, woods, rolling hills and miles of spectacular shoreline on 11 glacial lakes and one Great Lake.

One cool thing: Visit the town of Skaneateles on weekend during Christmastime for a traditional Dickens Christmas, when “Charles Dickens” and his cast of over 50 characters interact with residents and visitors in the streets, stores and restaurants. Any other time of year, visit the Jello Museum. That’s two cool things but, come on, there’s always room for Jello!

3. 17-Mile Drive, California

17-Mile Drive along California’s Monterey Peninsula features beautiful coastlines, famous golf courses, artist colonies, and spectacular mansions.

One cool thing: Visit the lobby lounge at the Inn at Spanish Bay, where if you’re there a half hour before dusk, you’ll be serenaded by a bagpiper. If you can’t stand the sound of bagpipes, you should probably avoid evening hours.

4. Blue Ridge Mountains, Carolinas and Virginia

The 469 mile Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It’s  is a slow-paced and relaxing drive with stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains.

One cool thing: Stop at Blowing Rock for amazing views and to experience wind currents from the gorge that blow vertically, causing light objects to float upwards. Ripley’s Believe it or Not claims this is the only place in the world where it snows upside down. An unsubstantiated claim, apparently.

5. Oregon Coastline

Highway 101 winds down the entire Oregon Coast from the Columbia River to the California border.

One cool thing: Whalewatching all along the coast, including Devil’s Punchbowl State Park, where you might see whales, and for sure will see a spectacular show of waves churning and crashing into a rock formation that looks like, you guessed it, a giant punch bowl

6. Going to the Sun Road, Montana

Going to the Sun Road boasts impressive glaciers, beautiful valleys, cascading waterfalls, towering mountains and colorful wildflowers. Plus, you might see wildlife crossing the Sun Road.

One cool thing: Swim in the only glacial lake in the area in which you won’t freeze to death. Lake McDonald in Apgar Village in Glacier National Park is relatively shallow and there are times where the sun warms it up to a point where some people might want to take a dip.

7. Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive is a scenic route within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that provide access to scenic overlooks of the Lake Michigan shoreline and the surrounding park land.

One cool thing: Visit Cherry Republic for cherry salsa, cherry sausage, cherry coffee beans—pretty much everything here is made of out cherries. Which makes so much sense when you realize that Northern Michigan is the cherry capital of the United States.

8. Lemhi Pass, Montana and Idaho

Lemhi Pass on the boundary of Montana and Idaho is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, where they came upon one of the most difficult mountain passes in the Rocky Mountain range. Even now, the road is rugged, but offers wild and unspoiled views of jagged peaks, pristine valleys, and distant snow-capped mountains.

One cool thing: Visit the Sacajawea Memorial Area and the nearby Sacajawea Center and learn about the Native American heroine who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition—and saved their butts countless times while simultaneously carrying her baby on her back.

9. Route 12, Utah

Route 12 showcases sandstone sculpted into a wide variety of amazing canyons and formations in numerous parks and locales. It offers access to the entire northern region of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, the Escalante River and its unique side canyons, and state and national parks.

One cool thing: visit Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder, Utah, one of the most remote towns in the United States (population: 180). A great place to go if you’re not a “people person,” and want to support a restaurant that follows Buddhist principles.

10. Acadia National Park, Maine

Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park is the primary avenue for navigating through Acadia National Park by vehicle. It connects the park's lakes, mountains, forests and rocky shores for easy exploration.

One cool thing: Hike to Bubble Rock. If you want to see an enormous rock that was moved by ancient glaciers to where it sits today—perched precariously on the edge a cliff—this is the hike for you.

11. Napa Valley, California

The Silverado Trail in Napa Valley is a scenic route that travels 29 miles along the Eastern edge of the Napa Valley, a world-famous wine region.

One cool thing: It’s a trail surrounded by wineries. Figure it out. Seriously, if you find yourself on the trail and have zero interest in wine, take a tour of the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory and have a bean shaped burger or bean shaped pizza at the Jelly Belly cafe.

12. Hana Highway, Maui

Hana Highway leads you through flourishing rainforests, flowing waterfalls, plunging pools and dramatic seascapes and provides plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the views.

One cool thing: Hike to the Bamboo Forest. It’s a forest literally filled with towering bamboo. Apparently, bamboo makes a peaceful, musical sound when the wind blows. If that doesn’t do it for you, the beautiful waterfalls probably will.

So there you go! 12 of the most stunning scenic views and overlooks in the U.S.

3 Materials You Should be Considering for Your Deck Railings

Approximately 64% of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces tend to focus on the backyard and its fixtures. One of the most common upgrades in the backyard is a deck or a patio. But there's one thing that people often underestimate when it comes to deck design: railings.

Cable deck railings are not only an important safety feature on a deck, they can be an excellent design statement. But it takes knowing what materials are available and what would look best to design the best cable handrail system possible. Here are a few options you should be considering.

Aluminum in particular is a great choice in metal for a wire rail system. It's an incredibly low maintenance metal and it looks beautiful no matter what material it's paired with. Cable railing posts made from this material will offer a sleek, modern finish to any deck or patio. This is an especially great choice for commercial buildings such as restaurants with outdoor seating areas, as it will provide a low maintenance, low cost alternative to other materials that you may have thought about using.

Glass railings, especially those made up of seamless, large glass panes, are best used if you really want to showcase a spectacular view. If you want to design rail for coastal or mountainous regions with amazing scenery, this is the way that you need to do it. They're fairly low maintenance, but the glass does need to be cleaned more often than other materials for deck railings would be. In addition, these panes are expensive to install, so make sure they're exactly what you want!

Wood railings work very well with wooden decks, especially if you enjoy a natural-looking aesthetic. But be warned: wood railings don't look seamless when they're placed next to synthetic materials like vinyl. Wood, while it does require a fair amount of work to maintain and install, is still a go-to for many home and business owners because of the aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're installing a wire rail system or a wooden railing, these are certainly some excellent options to choose from in terms of materials.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Improve Your Property With These 2 Tips

wire rail system
The best part of being a homeowner is the ability to customize your property. You might find that you're bored with the layout of your home or how your property looks, but the wonderful thing about homeownership is that you never have to permanently settle. There are so many wonderful projects you can do to improve your home's value and you'll end up appreciating your home even more. Here are a few great home addition ideas that can significantly improve your home's value.

Adding a Deck

Building a large deck on the back of your home can be amazing for just about any homeowner. A deck will clearly increase your home's resale value but the main benefit of having a deck on your property is having social gatherings. Everyone wants their home to be the fun spot for family parties, neighborhood cookouts, and nice social gatherings. If the weather is nice and you want to have people over, although standing around your yard with your friends and family can be fun, after a while it's just not going to cut it. Having a nice deck on your property, however, will give everyone a great place to socialize and have fun

If you want to really have a beautiful deck on your property, you should consider a quality wire rail system as well. It's important to work with the right teams when you're having your deck built on your property. Wire railing for decks can really make it look even better, as well as provide safety benefits by protecting children and pets from walking off the edge.

Adding a Patio

Although decks can be great for a party and large hangout environment, having a patio on your property has advantages of its own. No matter what kind of job you have, what your family situation is like, and what kind of problems are causing you stress, relaxing on a nice patio at the end of the night can feel amazing

About one-third of homes in the U.S. that went on the market in 2014 came with a patio, and that trend looks like it's going to increase. Wire rail systems can also make an outdoor patio look even nicer as well. If you want to find quality cable railing posts and wire rail systems for your property additions, contact Cable Rail Direct today!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some of the Most Common Deck Building Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Did you know that adding a simple deck or patio to any establishment can bring in up to a 30% increase in revenue? That's right, simple adding a nice deck to your outdoor seating area can increase revenue. It might sound extremely simple, but deck construction isn't exactly something you can become an expert at overnight. 

Unless you're familiar with all the ins and outs of deck building, there are certain things you might not know. Without this knowledge, you'll probably make a few blunders along the way. Here are some of the most common deck construction mistakes and how you can avoid them.

No Continuous Handrail
It might be aesthetically pleasing to design rail for decks that is interrupted by decorative posts, but the whole point of wire railing installation is to provide a continuous railing for people to grasp while walking. This is especially important on stairs leading up to and away from the deck. The solution? If you have a guardrail with decorative posts, your wire railing installation should include an additional continuous support rail inside of that for people to grasp.

Lack of Building Permits
No matter the project, whether it's installing cable rail systems or knocking down a wall, you should always have the proper building permits and permissions from your city or state. Without these permissions, you could find yourself in serious trouble or even removing your deck altogether.

Lack of Access
If your deck is being built to the back of your establishment and you have a room in the basement where staff or customers travel to and from frequently, you need to have at least one point of access. If your deck is built above that point of access, it's important to make sure there is enough clearance above the exit for people to escape in the event of an emergency.

Building a deck can be a beautiful addition to any building, regardless of location or services provided. But that being said, it's important to make sure you build it right the first time and avoid these mistakes!