Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4 Excellent Reasons to Install Cable Railings Around Your Home

indoor cable railing
According to data from 2014, approximately one-third of single family homes sold in that year came with a patio and porch. But if you're looking at a home or even thinking about improving yours, safety is something you need to keep in mind.

But who says safety and style don't mesh? Whether you need indoor railings or new design rail for your deck, here's why you should be using steel wire railing in and around your home.

High Durability, Low Maintenance
Indoor cable railing might not need to be super durable and low-maintenance, but outdoor cable railings make these two features an absolute necessity. Stainless steel cable railings might not immediately come to mind when you're looking for deck railings, but their ability to withstand any kind of weather without excess wear and tear is an extremely valuable trait. Not only that, but you won't have to stain and seal them every year like you would for traditional wooden deck railings.

Flexible Aesthetic
Aesthetically, cable rail systems can blend seamlessly into any home. For a sleek, minimalist vibe, try pairing an indoor cable railing with stainless steel posts. If you're going for a more natural feel in your home, furnish your staircase with gorgeous wooden posts and steel wire railing. The idea is that these wire railings provide durability without sacrificing your personal style.

No Bird Accidents
Glass barriers within a deck railing can look beautiful, but they pose a unique danger to birds and other animals because they're transparent. Wire railings, on the other hand, are clearly visible to birds and other animals, which means you won't have any injured birds on your hands and the local wildlife population isn't put at risk.

Unobstructed Views
Even though glass provides a unique look, cable railings offer an even better view. And what's more, smudges and dirt won't obstruct your view or mandate cleaning like they do on glass panes.

Whether you want a new railing for your indoor staircase or for your outdoor patio, cable rail systems are an excellent choice for all of the reasons listed above and many more. Have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact the Cable Rail Direct team.


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