Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Feeney DesignRail® Mounting Options - The Fascia Mounted Post

The Fascia Mounted Post is a popular method of attaching the DesignRail®
post to the Deck. This is a great option for a narrow deck, so the Railing doesn't take up any deck space. The Posts are 2-3/8" aluminum extrusions and there are three cross sectional profiles.  The Standard Post is used on Residential Projects and the Commercial Post is used on Commercial Projects. The Heavy Duty Post is used on all projects for the terminating and corner posts, when using Horizontal Cable Infill. The Posts will come pre-cut and pre-drilled for 36", 38" and 42" Railings. Maximum post spacing for a residential project is 6'-0" on center and 4'-0" on center for commercial projects. Fascia Brackets may be used on commercial projects to increase the post spacing to 5'-0" on center.The post will be longer on the bottom and will be cut and drilled for a 2x8 or 2x10 Fascia. There is also a standard option for a 2x12 fascia, but the mounting holes are drilled in the field. These three options allow for thru-bolting or lag screws, except for the 42" no bottom rail system. This system requires a welded flange and thru-bolting the end and corner posts. A 2x6 Fascia is not recommended for attachment with lag screws, but thru-bolts are an option. Be sure to check the blocking requirements with your Cable Rail Direct Detailer. A 7.5" concrete slab is the minimum thickness for mounting to concrete. The finishing height will be slightly higher and will depend on the Top Rail selected. Stair Posts are usually sent blank and drilled in the field, but they are available pre-drilled in the following three standard angle ranges, 23 -28 degrees, 29 - 34 degrees and 35-39 degrees. Be sure to let your Cable Rail Direct Detailer know your stair angle before requesting the pre-drilled stair post.

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