Friday, July 21, 2017

Feeney LED DesignRail® Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance to complete your modern outdoor deck or patio railing with Feeney's 24V L.E.D. Strip Lighting. Let our friendly experts at Cable Rail Direct assist you with your DesignRail Lighting Project.
The Feeney LED lighting kits are 24-volt systems that emit high color rendering index light and put out a truer color rendering which is perfect for outdoor living.
LED's are rated for up to 50,000 hours and are made with high quality waterproof materials. The 24V strip lighting integrates into the top or bottom rail for that perfect finishing touch. The lens diffuses the light evenly for a more balanced look and uses high CRI (80) LEDs for better color rendering.
 Quality outdoor driver kits are available in the following: 24 Volt DC Constant Voltage 35w, 60w, or 96w or 24 Volt DC Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver 40w, 60w, or 96w.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2 Areas Where You Can Inject Some Personality into Your Exterior Space

wire railing for decks
What is more emblematic of the American Dream than a barbecue? Gathering family and friends together in one's back yards for a day of games, grilled food, and good conversation is, for many, the quintessence of what it means to be an American. But when if comes to designing your home exterior, it can be hard to find a way to make the space unique and reflective of your design tastes and personality.

This blog post is designed to highlight some of the best places to focus your creative efforts, to get the maximum amount of personality with the least amount of effort.
  1. Lighting

    The lighting is one of the most neglected aspects of exterior design, but it is essential unless you want the party to die out at the first signs of dusk.
    When considering your lighting, it is important to consider how your lawn is laid out. The options available for a small yard with a large deck are much different than a heavily wooded lawn.
    The most important principle to remember is safety. Stairs, hills, even heavily rooted areas should be highlighted by your lighting design.
  2. Deck Design

    Desks are a prime spot for hosting more intimate get-togethers, whether you are having a quiet meal outdoors, or a game of cards with the neighbors on a lazy Sunday. They are also one of the most natural canvases for you to inject personality.
    Every detail of your deck is an opportunity to show off a bit of your personality What color are you painting the deck? And what should you have the railings made of? Take a risk with choices that reflect your taste: if you enjoy industrial design, consider stainless steel wire railing for decks. Stainless steel is a great option for design rail for decks because it contains a minimum of 12% of chromium. It forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the railing that prevents corrosion.
When designing your exterior space, it is important to know where you can inject a bit of personality, otherwise, you might end up with a lackluster entertaining space. By playing with your lighting options and exploring options like wire railing for decks, you can make your outdoors outshine the competition.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

3 Ways To Baby and Toddler Proof Your Home

cable design railHaving babies in your home can be an adorable sight, but it can also be quite terrifying if you're constantly worrying about their safety and well being. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the stress involved with watching children, you should spend some time baby and toddler proofing your home to ensure no accidents are ever had. 

Here are a few ways to baby and toddler proof your home. 

Use cable design rails to block stairways and decks

The easiest way for your children to harm themselves is by falling underneath railing while on the stairs. To avoid these dangerous and harmful falls, consider wire deck railing systems to keep your kids safe while they travel up and down your backyard deck stairs. Cable spacing is important for the minimization of cable deflection, too. Typically, the maximum space recommended for wire railing kits is no bigger than a three-inch opening between the cable design rail. You don't just have to worry about your outside deck, however. If your home has any amount of steps inside you should consider using cable design rails to prevent your children from slipping through the openings and causing serious harm to themselves. 

Place protective covers on everything dangerous

Babies are curious creatures. Especially when they begin to walk, they will walk around as recklessly as possible in order to discover new and interesting things about their world (your house). In order to ensure that your kids aren’t walking headfirst into any sharp corners, subsequently causing serious head damage and cuts, be sure to place protective covers on every corner of your home. This includes tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, walls, and anything else. In addition to covering sharp corners around your home, you should also place covers on any oven and stove knobs that are within reach of your children to avoid any emergencies. 

Keep every dangerous item well out of reach

Because your kids are so curious, they will stop at nothing to open drawers and thoroughly inspect its contents. If those cabinets and drawers contain dangerous items, however, like sharp knives, medicine, or alcohol, you could have a horrible issue on your hands. Don’t let your adorable children stumble into something they shouldn’t see until they’re older. Keep all those dangerous items hidden and well out of reach so they can never access them. 

If you have young children inside your home, it's your responsibility to do everything you can to protect them. Make sure any harmful items are out of reach, that there are protective covers on corners, and that your indoor and outdoor stairs are fall proof.